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3x Founder | Writer | Speaker | Consultant

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Design a Life That Sparks You

I offer transformative coaching and courses to help entrepreneurs and business leaders take their personal and professional lives to amazing new levels. Work with me!


Declutter Your Digital Life

I founded The Digital Life Academy to help people have healthy, productive relationships with technology. Everyone needs digital life skills to thrive. Learn more.

Get Inspired to Take Action

I bring value and energy to events through customized, engaging presentations. I love connecting with audiences to educate and motivate. Inquire about availability.



I've helped build brands that sell millions and, then, sell for millions.
I accept a few consulting projects each year. If you need creative direction and results-focused solutions to launch your brand or take an existing business to the next level, let's explore how I can help you succeed. Personal brands, B-to-B ventures, consumer-facing online businesses: I have the experience and expertise you need.

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