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“Message to Market” is my digital marketing masterclass. I crafted this session to offer small business owners and entrepreneurs a comprehensive yet surprisingly simple overview of the key components of any digital-social-mobile™ marketing strategy. From websites and SEO to email marketing and social media strategy, I cover the essentials, present ideas on how to approach full digital programs based on business types and goals, and answer real-life questions without geek speak or unnecessary details.

I offer this session in both 1-hour and 4-hour versions and can tailor the content based on the audience’s proficiency on the various topics.

Participants leave knowing how to prioritize their marketing efforts and what practical, tactical steps to take next to move toward greater success.

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I have a complete range of sessions that cover specific topics related to digital, social media, and mobile marketing. These are easily tailored to fit 30-minute to 1-hour time slots in your schedule, and I’m happy to present multiple topics as needed. Here’s a look at just some of the areas of focus I’m ready to address for your group or event.

  • Facebook, including how and when to post, use of video and Facebook Live, paid advertising, message bots, how to integrate e-commerce tools, etc.
  • Instagram, including how to create a vibrant account, tips for growing your audience, opportunities to integrate e-commerce, effective use of Stories, how to implement video and IGTV, and more
  • Blogging and Content Marketing, including how to determine the best strategy for your business, how often to blog and what to prioritize in creating content, practical insights on content marketing, and ways to turn a blog into a lead generation tool
  • Email Marketing, including the importance of email marketing, best practices and privacy issues, ways to integrate email for more effective lead generation and customer connections, tips for integrating email marketing into websites

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Even independent business people need to know they’re not alone. I love speaking about honest, real-life issues that affect all of us who pursue entrepreneurial endeavors. After many years of running my business in the digital-social-mobile marketplace, I’ve pinpointed key ways to make a great living while living a great life.

Simple Strategies to Digitally Declutter and Stay Organized: In an always-connected world, it’s imperative to keep our digital lives manageable and well-organized so that we can better run our businesses and keep our sanity along the way. I share my journey back to balance, the ways my quality of life improved, and how I’ve sustained these effective approaches for the long-term.

To Bootstrap or Not to Bootstrap? How to Launch a Smarter Startup: Should you seek venture capital for your business idea? Is an incubator program the way to go? Or would you be better off bootstrapping so you maintain control of your idea and its trajectory? I share real-world perspectives, ideas, and insights based on my own experience in developing a novel mobile app. I also tap into collected perspectives of other entrepreneurs who’ve ‘been there, done that.’

Lead Yourself Well: Get Yourself in Check First Before Starting or Growing Your Business: Running your own business is extremely demanding. Many who’ve never attempted it before may be naive to all it will entail, and those who are already on the path can quickly get overwhelmed. This presentation covers all those “what I wish someone had told me before I started my own biz” items. From the essentials of personal mindset, priorities, and goal setting to key information about taxes, health insurance, and the like, I give people practical tools to approach their endeavors with confidence and intelligence. Along the way, I may help some decide whether or not it’s time to turn that side hustle into the sole pursuit.

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