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Hi—it’s Irene, here!
If you’re looking for good products, services and solutions for your digital marketing, check out these options that I find useful for my business. My team and I are in constant “find good stuff” mode, and we use our favorites to carry out great digital marketing programs for our clients. I also use these carefully selected options for my own ventures, as well.

Please note that I am an affiliate marketer, so I will receive credit from some of the service- or product-providers if you click the links here and sign up. Good news is that you may also receive an initial credit, too, in some instances. Again, I only share options that I have found to be very helpful in real-world, everyday application. If I like something that doesn’t have a referral program, I am still going to share it with you here.


Irene Williams head tilter and marketer


I’ve used Schedugram for many years, for many clients, and it’s been a godsend, for sure. The folks behind Schedugram figured out a method for managing scheduled Instagram posts in a totally acceptable, compliant manner long before Instagram opened its API to third-parties. While you really should have a business account on Instagram if you are, indeed, using it for your brand, you can even use Schedugram for personal accounts, as well. Schedugram has pretty robust features that get better all the time…plus there’s an excellent blog that’s worth reading, as well.

There is a monthly fee for the service ($20/month for accounts with less than 10K followers after a 7-day, free trial), but I promise you it’s worth it if you plan to make Instagram something worthwhile to help grow your biz!

Click here to start using the service and receive a $5 credit.


I’m a fan of WordPress (self-hosted) for creating websites for myself and my clients, and I find the themes from Elegant Themes to be very versatile and easy to work with. The Divi theme, with its Visual Editor, is a really good option whether you’re DIYing the build of your site or having a developer do the heavy lifting but you/your team will be maintaining it and making updates. (Divi is what I’ve used to create this very site you’re viewing now!)

Click here to access and purchase Elegant Themes. There’re options should you just want access for a year or lifetime access to all of their themes. Again, please note that I am an affiliate marketer for Elegant Themes and will receive an affiliate commission if you click here to purchase.