So Happy to Meet You!

I’m glad something compelled you to stop by today.
There are lots of people out there who do what I do.
However, there’s only one “me”. Nobody else has
my perspective, experience, presentation style, and
oh-so snarky sense of humor (pun always intended).
Get to know me; maybe I’m the right fit for helping
you and your organization grow to the next level.

Irene Williams head tilter and marketer

— I come by this ‘writer, speaker, consultant, course creator’ stuff honestly.

I’ve spent my career helping clients create and grow their brands. Eventually, I became a small business owner myself and had to apply all my knowledge and know-how to my own endeavors. That’s how I’m able to understand the need for intelligent guidance from all angles. That’s how I know how to help you!

I launched my business after years in the agency and corporate worlds. When the economy went kablooey back in 2008/2009, the marketing agency I worked for started to wobble as clients pulled back on budgets. Everything that justified my salary was in question! With nothing more than gut instinct and a spark of entrepreneurism, I negotiated a pay cut with my employer in order to buy the freedom to promote myself directly to potential clients.

Within a year, I’d become highly proficient in social media marketing (that was new stuff back then) and acquired freelance opportunities that exceeded the agency work that was coming in. I went totally out on my own as a freelancer focused on social media and copywriting. (Somewhere in there, I also developed a groovy little mobile app, too, but I’ll tell you all about that later!) Eventually—as my clients’ needs grew, I evolved from a freelancer (Irene, Writer) to business owner (Msg2Mkt, LLC). To manage the bustling biz, I built a team structure around the services I provide, creating what I call a ‘virtual agency’ in which I and my team members work remotely for clients across the country.

Though my agency is structured to best work with mid- to large-size clients, I’m in touch with small business owners and solo entrepreneurs nearly every day who need advice, counsel, and practical approaches for navigating the digital-social-mobile marketplace™. Through my speaking, masterclasses, written materials, and online courses, I’m focused on bringing real-world, apply-now information and instruction to independent business owners. Whether these leaders are DIYing their marketing or seeking knowledge in order to hire and manage outside resources, I offer solid, tactical guidance. I’m here to help!

Here’s a little more about me…to see if I’m right for working with you.

My Business Focus

It’s a Business, Not a Baby. It’s Got to Be Profitable, Manageable, Sustainable (and Sellable).

I am only interested in businesses that provide measurable financial rewards, can be managed without sacrificing sanity and quality of life, and are built for sustained viability well into the future. Businesses that hit these marks are sellable—whether the owners want their ventures to pass hands or not. This foundational stance about business ownership is what guides the content I write and present. I focus on strategies and tactics that will bring results. I give practical insights to help biz owners automate, delegate, and replicate the good stuff that works well. I present ideas that will cut the fluff and reduce overwhelm. I share information and inspiration to help business owners not just make great livings but live great lives.

My Guiding Principle

Know What You Value So You Won’t Settle for What You Merely Want

I know what I value most in life, and those things are quite different from the stuff I just kinda want. By focusing on what’s most precious, I’m able to manage my business well, make smarter decisions, and prioritize my time and efforts without compromise.

My Approach to Opportunities

Don’t Let Fear Keep You from Taking a Risk; Don’t Let Pride Rush You

This is part of my personal “GPS”: Goal Positioning System. Throughout my career, I’ve taken some pretty bold leaps, but they’ve typically been well informed. This measured approach has helped me avoid being halted by fear or pushed by pride.


My Core Work Ethic

There’s Freedom in Commitment and Abundance in Contentment

Early in my career (heck, even recently), I’ve had to trudge through grunt work and make peace with the present in order to earn the next opportunity. When I’ve been faithful in and thankful for the small things, I’ve found myself liberated and prepared for what’s next.

How can I help you and your organization?

My Agency

Hire Msg2Mkt, LLC
The Digital Marketing
& PR Agency

My agency offers turn-key, full-service marketing, social media, and PR solutions for businesses in a range of industries. Click here if your biz is already scaled and ready to “HID” (hire it done).

Online Courses

Online Learning for Independent Business Owners

Indie Biz Academy is the learning portal for small biz owners and entrepreneurs to discover ways to build brands and grow sales in the digital-social-mobile™ marketplace. Great for DIYers!

Live Presentations

Book Me for Your Event
Keynotes, Topical Sessions, Masterclasses, Webinars

I speak at corporate events, conventions, and trade shows, nationwide. In addition to a range of digital marketing topics, I can tailor in-person or online learning for your sales teams or group.

My Writing

Follow Ongoing Info & Inspo
Blogs and Articles from One Biz Owner (Me!) to Another (You!)

After 25+ years in business— including many years being my own boss—I’ve learned a few things. Follow me as I share ideas and inspiration for making a great living and living a great life!